Coaching with Julie




When you decide to meet with me your first session will be free of charge. This is because I believe you should be able to get to know me and gain an understanding of my program before you make a financial commitment. During our time together I will provide you with the needed information that will allow you to gain clarity on what your goals should be as you walk out your health journey.

I don’t believe in trying to sell you any products in addition to my coaching and accountability system. You don’t have to buy special drinks, powders or pills to realize the change you have been looking for.

During our first free session I will begin to show you how to utilize normal, everyday, healthy food for your benefit as well as explain to you what you can expect throughout my 90 day program. And although the ketogenic and intermittent fasting lifestyle is not the focus of my program I like to explain the benefits during the first session as they are highly beneficial for emotional eaters.

After our time together you are free to decide whether or not you’d like to partner with me to achieve the healthy lifestyle of freedom you’ve been looking for. That’s it. There’s no strings attached and no obligation to work with me. You are free to take the information I’ve given you and apply it on your own or we can begin the journey together!

If you’re ready to end the white-knucking and embrace physical and emotional health you can start by signing up for your first free session right now!


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