My Story

I was eating healthy but always over eating, looking for that perfect diet where I could eat anything I wanted to whenever I wanted and not gain weight. The only problem was I was eating all the time!! I suffered with chronic headaches which made me want to eat even more. I was obsessed with solving my problem wanting to eat whenever I wanted and stay thin🤣 and of course solve my headaches. Finally I found a lifestyle way of eating that ended the endless cravings and resolved 50% of my headaches. This changed my life. I went from a headache every weekend to about every other weekend. I did not know what to do with this extra energy as I had pretty much slept through every weekend just to cope. After resolving 50% of my headaches I realized the other 50% were from spine issues which I am currently in treatment with a chiropractor for and am now at only one headache a month!! With this new found energy I decided I wanted to help others climb out of this same hole and live a life of purpose and well-being. To stop living a life of pain and sorrow and find their God given purpose and fulfill it.
Also with this new found energy I discovered the total transformation system. It is a genius system developed by a lady by the name of Stacy Morganstein to help people change eating habits which improves your health – it’s my goal through this system to help you connect the dots and show you exactly how you can do this too, no matter how far you’ve fallen off track
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