Want to introduce myself a little before we meet. I have been passionate about health and weight loss most of my adult life. I have just been certified as a health coach in September and  am so excited to start changing lives. The way this works is I offer a free session which I provide helpful information, help you get clear on your goals and also offer my 90 day program. I am not offering any products other than my coaching/accountability system.There is absolutely no strings attached, no obligation whatsoever for this one session. You don’t have to buy special drink powders or pills to make this work!! I teach/coach you to make normal every day healthy food work. You can choose to go forward with me or use the info during our one session however you choose. I specialize in the ketogenic and intermittent fasting lifestyle but that is not the focus of my program. I do however highly recommend these during the sessions as they are highly beneficial for emotional eaters.

To set up your free session email me at coachjulie4u@gmail.com
I look forward to talking to you

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