Why you should sit with an urge instead of resisting an urge and what it looks like practically

You’ve made your eating plan for the day or put some boundaries in place regarding food. The food you have decided not to eat or the time you have decided not to eat rolls around. What are you going to do? Here are two choices

One choice would be to resist the urge by talking your self out of it. Maybe your self talk sounds something like this: dont do it your too fat, you know this is not on your plan,  if you eat that, you will regret it, Dont you want to fit into those skinny jeans, be good to your self but then once you run out of energy to fight the urge, those thoughts are replaced with: what if I never see this food again, I don’t want to hurt their feelings by not eating their food, You deserve it because you’ve been so good, You dont want to get too skinny or you already lost some weight, and then before you know it your eating the food. It literally like a fight in your brain which drains you of energy

Here is the other choice – Just sit with the urge. No talking yourself out of it. Here are some examples

You realize this is only going to take a few min so you let your soul cry and give yourself some love like you would if you were coming down with a cold. You acknowledge the proverbial cold instead of acting like you dont have one.

You look at it like a storm that is coming but it is going to blow through in just a couple of min so you sit it out until the cloud passes

You get out your journal and analyze what an urge feels like in your body, where do you feel it and act like you are explaining it to an alien who has never experienced a craving before. Is it in your chest, your muscles in your head tightening, your jaw clenching what does it feel like to you

The biggest thing here is realizing it’s ok to feel bad because the net result is going to be feeling good and completely changing a habit. After you have done this approximately 100 times, you will have rewired your brain to react differently to an urge. It gets easier and easier. The brain sets up an auto pilot to conserve energy and we get to program it. How do you want your autopilot to react?


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