Choosing the the type of negative emotion to get where you want. Choose Wisely

Life is hard, there is no getting around it. We are going to have negative emotions guaranteed. I have some good news for you, although there are some negative emotions we cannot avoid there are some we can choose to experience differently and less intense.
What I am writing about today is the negative emotions we get to choose based on the choices we make. Here are some examples – We go on a diet because of the negative emotions the body we don’t want gives us and then we get tired of the food we get to eat on our diet and start experiencing those negative emotions instead. Which negative emotions would you prefer to have? The negative emotions of the overweight unhealthy body or the negative emotions of not eating “The Food” I think that is what we need to ask ourself every time we are faced with that choice and we need to get in touch with the reason we started the new way of eating in the first place because we tend for forget. Here is another example – You are experiencing boredom with your life – same ole same ole broke as heck can’t go anywhere and the job you have is sucking your soul out of you and your credit cards are adding up. You can A. stay in that situation and experience those negative emotions or you can B. Save money to Put yourself out there doing what you love and experience the negative emotions of not spending on things that are not getting you closer to your goals, criticism from other people wishing they could do the same deep down inside and experience the negative emotions of having to learn something new and the uncertainty of what it takes to get to where we want to be. Which Negative emotion do you want to experience? You get to have them regardless but YOU get to choose sometimes and I say sometimes because life can throw some stuff at you that you cannot control but when you can control it make sure you choose wisely.

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