What thoughts are keeping you stuck

I have been doing a-lot of research on the power of thoughts and neuroplasticity of the brain- The ability of the brain to change using the mind (the pre frontal cortex), or thoughts. I like what Dr. Caroline Leaf says “We are our own brain surgeons” There is so much hope in that but for those who are not aware that we can change our brain for the better with our thoughts they can feel like victims of everything and spiral into despair and mental illness. Our thoughts power the workings of our body such as our hormones and genetics. Our brains can either switch on genes or turn them off which is the called Epigenetic’s.  When you become the observer of your thoughts and use your mind to change your thoughts  the possibilities of change are endless and by changing these thoughts and habits you are changing the results you are getting out of life. Some people don’t want to observe their thoughts because they think it’s too tedious or maybe they start observing and find what a scary place its, like turning on the lights in a messy room and they decide to turn the lights off and hide from them. But this work is TOTALLY worth it my friends!! I cannot emphasize it enough. Our thoughts that lurk in our subconscious are what power our autopilot and cause our life to play out the same over and over again. It is not until we change those thoughts that our auto pilot starts to do something different. Here are some examples of thoughts that sabotage:

I cant and i know this because i’ve never done it before

Ive tried to improve and it did not work for me

every body is doing it so why shouldn’t I

there are many many more but just some examples that are prevalent that people accept as ok thoughts but they are sabotaging you.

I highly recommend a book by Caroline Leaf called “Switch on your brain”, “Who Switched off my brain ” and “Eat and think yourself smart” These are all excellent books. She is a Christian Neuro scientist who has discovered that  the bible has always been way ahead of science.

Have a blessed week my friends 🙂

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