The Fear Monster

Inspired by Amy Giani

Imagine that Negative emotions such as deprivation, rejection, cravings, discomfort are clouds

If we’re willing to go through them and experience them there is the sun and it’s a beautiful day and there are amazing experiences

We hide and miss out on the sun and the amazing experiences because we feel safe hiding under the clouds (negative emotions we are unwilling to experience) with our fear

We lock our self in the house, with our food and Netflix, what ever your addiction is to help us deal with the fear monster because we are afraid of the other monsters and this fear monster is constantly there with us, predictable and not temporary and unpredictable like the clouds. A monster of our own making. The pleasure we get from our addictions turns us into mediocrity as we stop chasing our dreams.

Are you willing to go through the temporary negative experiences to have new positive experiences and live a life that exceeds your wildest dreams. Have a beautiful day, i dare you❤️

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