If I could remove your desire for refined food would you let me?

This is the question my coach asks a lot and says that not very many people want this and i think the reason is, is because we see refined food almost as if it was a limb of our body and some one wants to chop it off. But think about this; a limb of your body serves you and refined food does not serve you.

When ever you romanticize a food that is not working for you You start to suffocate until you can have it again but if you tell you brain to seek pleasure in things elsewhere that truly serve you, you will breath again!

Right now a lot of people feel like there is no other joy or joy that compares to refined food but that is not true. Think about the person who goes blind. After a while the brain and body figure it out and their other senses become keener and they can hear and feel their way around. The brain knows how to adapt. That is why i tell you that when i tell my brain to seek pleasure elsewhere , i know that it will, I will find more pleasure in every day conversations, and my time with the Lord and in every day beauty of life. My world comes alive in a way that it never has before.

God bless you friends and you know who to call if you are interested in diving deeper into this

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