Part II Why we fall back into old ways of eating.

I believe commitment is foundational to everything we accomplish and especially new life styles.

Here is a word of warning though- be careful what you commit to as you will get better at what you practice and that includes giving up or blowing off commitments UGH!!

But do not mistake making mistakes and making wrong decisions as giving up or blowing off a commitment. When you are committed and this happens. Now is the time to become a self detective and figure out how you could make this better next time you run into the same problem. Start to recognize that your auto pilot needs to be relieved of duty or needs a upgrade. Pay attention to your thoughts šŸ˜

Maybe you were ravenous cause of lack of sleep, ate something sweet that triggered you, thoughts you were thinking and the list goes on. Sometimes it’s just good ole withdrawals and we gotta sit through it and this my friend is where that compelling reason comes in!

Like I always say I am here if you need me so feel free to set up your free session and we can talk more about this. God bless you and have a good week.

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