Why do people generally tend to fall back into old patterns of eating after starting a diet and how to change all of that!?!?!

Today i am going to address this because this is a huge problem for most of us and one of the main things i address in my health coach practice – Commitment-

There are three ways people will generally tend to get started in a healthy life style

  1. I am going to try this and see if it works
  2. I believe this will work for me therefore i am going to do it
  3. I am committed and am going to make this work no matter what it takes to figure it out

    Guess which one of these is the best way to go at a desired outcome? If you guessed #3 You are right! Believing and lets see if this works approach are not enough because we have those competing desires that come up and throw us off track. If we commit and can come up with a very compelling reason to do something we can do ANYTHING!! I think the trick is finding what that compelling reason is for you. For some people it can be as simple as fitting into a swim suite and for others it can be as challenging as a health problem they want to solve. The commitment can vary but never the less either one of those can be very compelling to some one to make that commitment. Then you have people who know that food is ruining their health or keeping them out of that swimsuit but there is nothing else good in their life  or they are so addicted to food that they would rather die than go through the withdrawals and the dullness of life with out food- that is where i come in as a health coach i can help you find out what in your life is worth living for and what that compelling reason is for you and make it so huge that all of the competing desires fade away. That compelling reason is in you,, it is in all of us. In my practice i help people find out what that compelling reason is and give people the mindset tools to walk it out. I would love to talk to you so set up your free session and lets see if this is something you would like to work with me on. God Bless you and have a good week

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