Living a life not worried about food

Will The Real Julie Please Come Out!?!?

Prior to coaching I was obsessed with food for two different reasons. One was my migraines and fatigue and the other was loosing weight. It took up almost all of my free time either reading about it, cooking it or eating it. I felt like it had taken over my life completely and i had no time for anything else.

Once i got it figured out i felt like a whole new world had been opened to me. I felt like the sky was the limit and that the real Julie could finally come out – the Julie that God made me to be. I felt like a huge burden had been lifted off of my shoulders and now life had finally began and could be about something else.

Now i have new goals like over coming fear, having more confidence, helping other people do the same as me! Exercise is now a joy and every challenge that comes my way i know I can overcome it. Eating is no longer a fearful obsession but a delight. WOW Praise the Lord!! I get so ecstatic when i think about it. I cant wait to help more people do the same. You know who you are. Call me and schedule a free session. I cannot wait to talk to you


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