Mini Love Vacation

Ok here it is Authentic Julie coming out of her shell and sharing some love with you all in the way that i do it. Prepare yourself for the Mini Love Vacation

So what this is, is a practice of basking in the love of God and gratitude for Jesus and what he did for us. Some people call it meditation. Call it what ever you want. But i promise you if you feel like life is cold, dull, meaningless and depressing this is going to warm and liven it up.

So to do this you will want to go to a place that is quiet and easy to relax in, turn on some music that stirs up your love for the Lord and just quietly think about how it must have been to leave glory in heaven and come down here to earth, from a heavenly body that does not get sick, from a place where there are no bullies or physical discomforts to a place where he was intrenched in it, 24/7 till he was 33 years old. He did not hide from the discomfort when he got here. He did not run from the people who persecuted him. He ran straight into the line of fire. Now I want you to feel the warmth of his Love and just appreciate what kind of love it took to do this and aim that at yourself because YOU are the one he did this for. You and You and you and you! Every one. Not just some of us. Just keep your thoughts on the Lord and his goodness. Before you know it you will be cooking, exercising or cleaning and this will overtake you. It will become very easy to slip into this love vacation. It is available to us 24/7

God Bless you guys and please let me know if you decide to do this. I would love to hear how it went.

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