How my coaching works

In my coaching practice I help people to get in touch with and deal with their emotions in the way that God intended. I teach people how to go to God with their problems instead of food/facebook/overspending/OCD behaviors/addictions of any kind . For 90 days I am like a cast on a broken bone. In 90 days you should have made enough little changes that will last a lifetime to make this worth every last penny you spend on this program. They say 21 days to habit change and 90 days for habit change that lasts a lifetime (Something like that) 21 day habit change is temporary but 90 day habit change is long term. By the time you are done with being coached you will not need me for those habits you have changed anymore. You’ll only need me longer if you have so many habits to change that to change all of them at once would make your life fall apart. My success is in your independence and not your dependence on me. I meet once a week with my clients spending an hour on the phone and an hour prep before the call. I only have room for one more client and would love to work with some one who  eats too much to deal with their life. I can work with any diet/lifestyle but highly recommend low carb as i feel the previous diets people have been on have put many people out of balance and on an emotional rollercoaster. I know of a free test you can take on line to help determine what diet/lifestyle works best for you. IF you are interested please text me and we can set up a free consultation 801-870-0658

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