Low Carb High Fat?!? Yes or No

The low carb hight fat (LCHF)diet is undoubtedly a life saver for so many people who suffer from type II diabetes, cancer, migraines, seizures, PCOS and more. I HIGHLY recommend it for every one to try. It is difficult at first to adapt for some but once you are adapted it is pretty amazing! I have heard that it takes most about 2-4 weeks but it took me about 2-3 months to adapt and I did this diet (not strictly) for 2 years and i mainly went from how i felt and never really counted ketones or macros. My lchf diet mainly consisted of Ketogenic recipes and guesstimating fats/protein/carb ratios. I was not into the costly keto monitors or tracking devices. So this may be part of the reason it took me so long to adapt and also may even be why i was not able to stay on this diet long term. Who knows – one thing i do know is it was not sustainable for me. I did not have the time or money and was sick of micromanaging my diet UGGH!

My Experience with this diet was life changing. My cravings went away, my headaches decreased in number, i lost a good amount of weight (kept it off) My menstrual cramps ceased, the emotional roller coaster became more manageable and my skin cleared up . I still had some struggles but WOW it was pretty amazing for me. Towards the end of my LCHF journey i started getting really tired, anxious and my PMS got worse. I started searching the googles, read a few books (Fat for fuel by Dr. Mercola, Head Strong by Dave Aspry, and Woman Code by Alisa Vitti)and found that this diet will eventually do that for some people and i just so happen to be one of them. All was not lost though. I found out about the intermittent fasting lifestyle which seems to be the best next step for anyone who has bombed out after a while on the LCHF diet. With intermittent fasting you get to experience the best of both worlds. You get to experience ketosis and the benefits the carbs provide for those who need some carbs in their life.

Intermittent fasting has been just as life changing as the LCHF diet but WAY more sustainable. I feel like it took me to the next level. Less cooking and micro managing my diet. I started loosing a little more weight. A TON more energy during the fasted state and my migraines continued to stay at bay. I don’t think i could’ve done so well at fasting if i had not become fat adapted on the lchf diet. I feel that is the only reason i am able to experience both ketosis and carb burning. I believe that the lchf diet builds energy pathways that allows the body to burn fat for energy and my body already knows how to burn carbs so now that i have that energy pathway built to my fat stores i am a primed for this lifestyle! I have heard that you don’t have to be Fat Adapted first to do this diet but there will be a transition phase. probably very similar to what i went through when i first started the lchf diet. Would be interesting to know

If you would like to work with me please email me at coachjulie4u@gmail.com for a free 1 hour consultation. I deal with emotional eating and the LCHF / intermittent fasting lifestyle

God Bless You!!


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