My Journey

I started out on the standard American diet, getting sick every other week, one thing after another; colds, flu bugs, headaches, extreme fatigue, depression, bouts of tearfulness, stomach bugs, skin problems. I was a hot mess!! I decided to try pharmaceuticals for my every weekend headaches but the side effects were worse than the migraines not to mention they were sucking my bank account dry.

I was 30+ pounds overweight, hypo glycemic and should’ve been in the prime of my life!. I some how (my parents) found a doctor by the name of Dr. Mercola who I was riveted to (still am). I read all his articles, studied them and became extremely fascinated by the human body and realized I was fascinated beyond the normal. I found myself reading books about the human body as if i was reading a fiction novel. In doing this I finally solved my health issues and decided to go to school to help others tap into their own inner genius.

I am just starting my career as a health coach to help others do the same!!

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