Overcoming Emotional Eating

This is the place where we don’t just address WHAT you’re eating, but WHY you're eating. This is the key to losing weight, keeping it off and feeling good about yourself from the inside out!

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re ready to stop the “white knuckle” dieting that always seems to end in frustration and eventually more weight gain.
  • You’ve been told you need to lose weight or risk diabetes or other health issues, but no amount of self-will seems to bring a lasting change.
  • Work and raising a family is a blessing but it’s left you feeling like there’s little time or energy left to address your own needs.
  • Every time you feel like you’re making progress with your health, another stressful or difficult life event happens and it’s back to square one.
  • You’ve realized that food has become more of a stress reliever and a source of comfort for you during strenuous times.

I understand. You’re in the right place.




I’m a Health Coach and I want to help you permanently change eating habits by identifying the root issues.

I have been passionate about health and weight loss most of my adult life. I love partnering with people just like you to see them make the lasting change they need to enjoy the healthy and fulfilled life God intended for them. As a Certified Health Coach through HCI (Health Coach Institute) I am equipped to help you set and accomplish clear goals for weight loss and healthy living.




Julie is a warm, compassionate, insightful, dedicated lifestyle coach.  Each session is a lesson in growth and understanding about healthy living and personal awareness about healthy living that is a must for anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier life.

I have a strong family pattern of Type 2 diabetes and Julie’s care and guidance helped me to get on the right track of a healthy living pattern and diet that not only helped me lose weight but to gain an understanding of what wellness truly is. 


I came to Julie completely broken when it came to my relationship with food. I knew I needed a change but was at a complete loss as to how to make those changes. My Diet had to change. I was a type II diabetic on 2 medications and only seeing more medication in my future. I had spent 3 years getting migraines under some control but i know if my diet was different then so would all my pain.

The first thing we tackled was emotional eating. The program for that was phenomenal . I learned to accept why i ate those bags of potato chips and be forgiving to myself and not judge-mental. I learned how to heal my emotional eating.

We then took on my diet. We focused on the ketogenic diet. I have drastically reduced my type 2 medication and my a1c is going down.

And as i sit here writing this schedule wise i should be down with a migraine but i’m not.

I have learned to incorporate cooking and whole foods into my diet instead of the processed microwave and frozen foods i used to eat.

I have learned that cooking and eating whole foods is not expensive, which was also my fear.

I have learned to step out in faith and try new exercises. My whole lifestyle has changed to something that is sustainable.  I highly recommend Julie, she is non judge-mental and truly loves what she is doing and wants to help people heal and live productive happy lives, and this she has helped me to develop and learn to sustain

Thank You Julie

-Angie Alderman


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